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Welcome to the home of R Bookmark. 

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Rbookmark Resident Author

Tabatha Shipley

We are happy that Tabatha has joined RBOOKMARK’s family. 

She is the author of the Kingdom of Fraun series, Projection,

and 30 Days Without Wings.

In addition to writing, she is an avid reader who makes her way through over 100 books each year. Tabatha believes strongly in the power of helping others and is always willing to help out a fellow writer or reader.

Please feel free to ask her about her writing when you stop in.



We Have Added Local Favorites To Our Store


artisan popped corn

Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels

In store sale only.





On Selected Books

while supplies last


1 book for $3.00

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10 books for $10.00





Visit our STORE POLICY section to view the trade policy details. Customers with 36 books or less are welcome to walk in. More than 36? No problem, call 623-977-7482 to make an appointment. 


Book Sellers

Please call to make an appointment with our Book Buyer



Book Sellers of more than 100 books need to make

an appointment for our Buyer to vist your home to evaluate your books.


Sellers of 99 books or less need to bring them to the store by appointment only.




We have a new section in the Store for Collectors and those who want to start a library of Their own .........




 We have more then 500 books in our collection of signed books. 


 If there is interest in a  FIRST EDITION  Collection I can not only help but,  will be starting a curated First Edition Members group.


Many of our Books are checked to be FIRST EDITIONS  


Both authors known and not so well known. 


If you want to begin collecting or have already started your collection let us help you with your needs.



New Graphic books have been Added




 Book Trading stops at 3:30pm Daily