Has a long history, It began life as The Bookmark, many years ago ( over 20 ) by Joan and Norman Post. 

 It was relocated to this center 16 years ago , and after the passing of Mrs. Joan Post , Norman,  the son began helping his father out in the store, then as time pasted Norm became the person running the complete operation

Norm built the business up and included online selling  ( Which he still does to this day). 

  Norm decided he would rather not handle the day to day operations and in 2014 he sold the Retail portion of the company to  



 Richard and Deborah ( his wife ) , after purchasing it, began a remodeling and enlarging program. Both adding more Books, and enlarging the Movie section. 

  In 2015 they again started a expansion project and added more retail area (over 1800sq ft. ) and a larger warehouse (over 1200sq ft.).      

Deborah Passed away on December 7th, 2020. after a long battle with cancer.
We have Graphic  Novels  and Some Manga
We now Carry   WARHAMMER   GAME products  
 We  have Signed Books . 
Ask about your favorite Author, most are one (1) of a kind.
There are many new collectors books in Stock:
Folio Society
Easton Publishing  
The Franklin Library (out of Print)