Trade Policy

Any books brought in for trade must be turned in at the counter upon your arrival at the store. If you have traded with us before, you will be asked for your first and last name in order to add to your credit. If you have never traded with us before you will be asked to provide your telephone number in addition to your first and last name. If you elect not to provide any of this information, we cannot accept trade. You may still be eligible for donations without providing any information. 

You are limited to 30 books or 15 audiobooks at one time without an appointment. We cannot guarantee we will accept all titles for trade. If we do accept a book we will give you store credit for approximately ⅓ of the price we plan to sell it on the floor for. Any credit you accrue will be banked on your account up to $50. Once your trade credit reaches $50, you must use it before further trade will be accepted. This credit will be saved on your account for up to 2 years. Credit cannot be redeemed for NEW items (Warhammer, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc) or for books over $20. Taxes must be paid on all credit purchases. 

Books will be accepted based on the following criteria:

  1. Book must be fully intact with little shelf damage.
  2. Hardcovers must have their dust jackets. 
  3. Paperbacks must have readable spines. 
  4. Books must be free of yellow spots, staining, water damage, or underlining. 
  5. No library books.
  6. No Advanced Reader Copies.
  7. Book must not be pulling away from the spine. 
  8. Book must be free of odors such as cigarette smoke. 
  9. No book club books (if you need help understanding what constitutes a book club, we would be happy to show you).
  10. No hardcover romance books.
  11. No books with previous bookseller stickers.
  12. No reader’s digest books. 
  13. No incomplete collector’s sets.
  14. No Magazines
  15. Overstock: Our store reserves the right to determine how many used copies we keep of each title on hand. We may simply turn down a book because we have too many. If this is the case, we will let you know in case you’d like to bring it back and try again in the future. 
  16. Unsellable: There is no longer consumer demand for the title.

If you have more than 30 books or 15 audiobooks, please call 623-977-7482 to make an appointment. 

Trade credit has no cash value.