Store Policy

Welcome to    B o o k m a r k.  The following is our Store and Trade Policy.  Please read through this very carefully

Any books for trade must be brought in upon initially entering the store.  Due to our  computer software system, we will be keeping track of the books that are brought in for trade on an individual basis.  If you have not completed one of our Customer Information forms, we'll ask you to do so when you bring your books in.  If you elect not to complete our Customer Information form, we will not be able to accept your trade. 
  As of NOVEMBER 2017 TAXES will have to be paid in cash on all trades.
  R Bookmark will be limiting  individuals to bringing in a  total of 36 books on any one day.  Just because you bring in 36 books, or that they have our price tag on them, doesn't mean they all will be accepted.  Our  software program will let us know which books our inventory needs and which we don't.  Please hang on to any books that we cannot accept the first time, we may need them in the future. 
   Trade Credit can be used for in-store purchases (except for  Coloring Books/pencils,  and Art.).  Any credit not used will be banked in your account up to $50.00.  Once your trade credit reaches $50.00, you must use your credit before we will accept any new trades.  Trade credit is good for two years from the date of your last trade transaction. 
   Only books in very good, or gently used, condition will be accepted.  Books will be accepted based on the following criteria
1.  Hard cover:  Books must have their Dust Jackets in decent shape
2.  Paperbacks:  Spines must be readable, covers in good shape, no yellow pages
3.  No underlining, no writing in books
4.  No Library books
5.  Overstock:  The store may already have sufficient quantities of a title.
6.  Unsellable:  We may feel that there is no longer consumer demand for the book.
7.  No water damage. Ripped covers or water damage 
8.  No pages pulling away from the spine.
9.  Musty or cigarette smoke smell will not be accepted. 
10.Books will be given credit based on our retail price or if there is a lower price sticker on the book that price will be used
11. No BOOK CLUB books ( If you need help to determine what a book club book is we would be happy to show you )
12. No Romance Hard Cover Books.
13. No Goodwill Books with Goodwill sticker on .  
14. No Readers Digest Books 
15. Odd volumes.
16. Television and celebrity related books.
   *We do not accept any Text books, Medical books , Self Help, Magazines, Sports. Golf, or Large Coffee table Books  .
              !!!!!!!!! Credit may not be used on Books with a Store Price of $20.00 Plus.!!!!!!!
If you have over 50 books please call for an appointment.  623-977-7482  ask for Richard.
We will travel for any larger collections you have for sale.  
           NO TRADES AFTER  3:00pm    **** Trade Credit has no cash value ****