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Image for The Silent Man (A John Wells Novel)

The Silent Man (A John Wells Novel)

By: Alex Berenson

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Penguin Audio: February 2009

Seller ID: 59569

ISBN: 0143144138

Condition: Used - Good

Unabridged CDs ? 9 CDs, 11 hours From the #1 "New York Times"?bestselling author comes another remarkable novel of espionage today?and right around the corner. View more info

Image for Exposed (Maggie O'Dell Series)

Exposed (Maggie O'Dell Series)

By: Alex Kava

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Brilliance Audio: October 2008

Seller ID: 59482

ISBN: 1423344456

Condition: Used - Good

Agent Maggie O?Dell and Assistant Director Cunningham believe they?re responding to a threat made at Quantico. Instead they walk into a trap. Before they realize it, they?ve both been exposed to a killer who can strike at anyone, anytime and no one can predict who might be next?until it's too late. The killer's tactics suggest he's an aficionado of criminal minds. He uses bits and pieces from those he admires: a phrase from the Beltway Snipers, a clue from the Unabomber,... View more info

Image for Don't Look Twice CD

Don't Look Twice CD

By: Andrew Gross

Price: $10.00

Publisher: HarperAudio: March 2009

Seller ID: 59481

ISBN: 0061712655

Condition: Used - Good

In this dramatic new novel following the bestselling The Dark Tide, a drive-by shooting rocks the posh suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut, and an innocent bystander is left dead. Detective Ty Hauck plunges into what seems like a vicious case of retribution and follows the trail to a sinister gambling scheme at an upstate casino. Until Annie Fletcher, a young restaurateur in the midst of rebuilding her life, witnesses something she shouldn't have--and immediately runs... View more info

Image for Audition: A Memoir

Audition: A Memoir

By: Barbara Walters

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Random House Audio: May 2008

Seller ID: 59490

ISBN: 073934398X

Condition: Used - Good

Young people starting out in television sometimes say to me: "I want to be you." My stock reply is always: "Then you have to take the whole package." And now, at last, the most important woman in the history of television journalism gives us that "whole package," in her inspiring and riveting memoir. After more than forty years of interviewing heads of state, world leaders, movie stars, criminals, murderers, inspirational figures, and celebrities of all kinds, Ba... View more info

Image for 21: Bringing Down the House - Movie Tie-In: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions

21: Bringing Down the House - Movie Tie-In: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions

By: Ben Mezrich

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio: January 2008

Seller ID: 59494

ISBN: 0743570812

Condition: Used - Good

THE #1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER -- NOW THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE 21The long-running "New York Times" bestseller that has become a cultural phenomenon, "Bringing Down the House" is an action-filled caper carried out by the unlikeliest of cons -- supersmart geeks. Gambling pervaded the M.I.T. campus, and genius kids with money and glittering futures were just as likely to be found in a Paradise Island casino as in the school library. A highly elite group of mathletes was recr... View more info

Image for The Ark: A Novel

The Ark: A Novel

By: Boyd Morrison

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio: May 2010

Seller ID: 59562

ISBN: 1442305126

Condition: Used - Good

A MODERN-DAY INTERNATIONAL THRILLER HAILED BY JAMES ROLLINS AS "ONE OF THE BEST DEBUTS I'VE READ THIS YEAR . . . HERE IS A NOVEL THAT WILL HAVE YOU HOLDING YOUR BREATH UNTIL THE LAST PAGE IS TURNED." When brilliant archaeologist Dilara Kenner is contacted by Sam Watson, an old family friend who says that he has crucial information about her missing father, Dilara abandons her Peruvian dig and rushes to Los Angeles to meet him. But at the airport, Sam speaks instead o... View more info

Image for The Book of Lies

The Book of Lies

By: Brad Meltzer

Price: $5.95

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing: June 2009

Seller ID: 59419

ISBN: 160024663X

Condition: Used - Good

Now available as a value-priced edition Cain kills Abel in Chapter Four of the Bible. It is the world's most famous murder. But the Bible is silent about one key detail: the weapon Cain used to kill his brother. That weapon is still lost to history. In 1932, Mitchell Siegel was killed by three gunshots to his chest. While mourning, his son dreamed of a bulletproof man and created the world's greatest hero: Superman. And like Cain's murder weapon, the gun used in thi... View more info

Image for The Last Patriot (The Scot Harvath Series)

The Last Patriot (The Scot Harvath Series)

By: Brad Thor

Price: $5.95

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio: June 2010

Seller ID: 59414

ISBN: 1442304707

Condition: Used - Good

In Brad Thor's highest-voltage thriller to date, Scot Harvath must race to locate an ancient secret that has the power to stop militant Islam dead in its tracks. June 632 A.D. Deep within the Uranah Valley of Mount Arafat in Mecca, the prophet Mohammed shares with his closest companions a final and startling revelation. Within days, he is assassinated. September 1789 U.S. minister to France Thomas Jefferson, charged with forging a truce with the violent Muslim ... View more info

Image for Full Black: A Thriller (Scot Harvath)

Full Black: A Thriller (Scot Harvath)

By: Brad Thor

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio: July 2011

Seller ID: 59572

ISBN: 0743579410

Condition: Used - Good

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor brings readers his darkest and most intriguing thriller yet--a terrifying story of espionage and betrayal--brilliantly paced with superb nonstop action. Born in the shadows and kept from heads of state, there are some missions so deadly, so sensitive, that they simply don't exist. When one such mission goes horribly wrong, a wave of dramatic terrorist attacks is set in motion. Their goal: the complete and total colla... View more info

Image for Knockout (FBI Thriller)

Knockout (FBI Thriller)

By: Catherine Coulter

Price: $11.00

Publisher: Brilliance Audio: June 2009

Seller ID: 59831

ISBN: 1423365216

Condition: Used - Good

The first time she spoke to him was at midnight. Seven-year-old Autumn Backman needed a hero. When she saw Special Agent Dillon Savich on TV after he?d brought down bank robbers in a Georgetown bank, she knew she?d found him. She called Savich, but she didn't use the phone. They were burying dead people in my daddy's grave . . . they?re coming after us. Please help me. Who's they? Blessed, he's coming. Ethan Merriweather, sheriff of Titusville, Virginia, a small mountain... View more info

Image for Tailspin (FBI Thriller)

Tailspin (FBI Thriller)

By: Catherine Coulter

Price: $11.00

Publisher: Brilliance Audio: June 2008

Seller ID: 59858

ISBN: 1593557310

Condition: Used - Good

FBI Special Agent Jackson Crowne is flying renowned psychiatrist Dr. Timothy MacLean back to Washington, D.C., to protect him and discover who's trying to kill him. But they don't make it. That same morning, agents Savich and Sherlock are told about Agent Crowne's Mayday sent from deep in the Appalachian mountains near Parlow, Kentucky. Within thirty minutes, Savich and Sherlock are aboard an FBI helicopter, headed for Parlow. Agent Crowne barely manages to bring his Ces... View more info

Image for Split Second: An FBI Thriller

Split Second: An FBI Thriller

By: Catherine Coulter

Price: $11.00

Publisher: Brilliance Audio: July 2011

Seller ID: 59863

ISBN: 1423365399

Condition: Used - Good

Praise for the FBI Thriller Series Bestseller Coulter's riveting thriller opens with a bang. . . . Well-developed characters and an expertly paced plot that builds into a breathtaking conclusion.? ?Publishers Weekly on Knockout (starred review) A serial killer is on the loose, and it's up to FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock to bring him down. They soon discover the killer has blood ties to an infamous and now long-dead monster. Savich and Sherlock are joined b... View more info

Image for Blind Fall: A Novel

Blind Fall: A Novel

By: Christopher Rice

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio: March 2008

Seller ID: 39111

ISBN: 074357172X

Condition: Used - Good

John Houck became a Marine to become a hero. But his life changed when he failed to notice an explosive device that ended up maiming the captain of his Force Recon Company, a respected Marine who nearly sacrificed himself to save John's life. Home from Iraq, John pays a visit to his former captain, only to discover the captain has been gruesomely murdered. John pursues a strange man he sees running from the scene, but he discovers that Alex Martin is not the murderer. Al... View more info

Image for Crescent Dawn (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Crescent Dawn (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

By: Clive Cussler, Dirk Cussler

Price: $3.01

Publisher: Penguin Audio: November 2010

Seller ID: 39874

ISBN: 0142428744

Condition: Used - Good

Abridged, 5 CDs, 6 hours Read by Richard Ferrone The new Dirk Pitt adventure from the #1 "New York Times"- bestselling author. View more info

Image for Plan of Attack CD

Plan of Attack CD

By: Dale Brown

Price: $6.00

Publisher: HarperAudio: June 2004

Seller ID: 37846

ISBN: 0060522488

Condition: Used - Good

Dale Brown is the author of fourteen New York Times bestsellers, and now in Plan of Attack, he provocatively turns our attention to the threat of a nuclear attack that is beyond our imaginings.U.S. Air Force aerial warfare expert Major General Patrick McLanahan has been demoted and moved back to a desk job. Keeping a keen eye on what's going on with old enemies, he notices that Russia's heavy bomber and tactical bomber bases are busier than ever. He tries to get hi... View more info

Image for Armageddon (Dale Brown's Dreamland Series)

Armageddon (Dale Brown's Dreamland Series)

By: Dale Brown, Jim DeFelice

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Brilliance Audio: March 2013

Seller ID: 47830

ISBN: 1455861952

Condition: Used - Good

One of the Air Force's top guns, Captain Breanna Stockard is training Brunei pilots to fly the EB-52 Megafortress. But when a violent attempted kidnapping threatens a major arms deal about to take place, Breanna and her husband Major Jeff "Zen" Stockard must uncover a plot that - in this volatile region of the world - could mean Armageddon. View more info

Image for Betrayal: A Novel

Betrayal: A Novel

By: Danielle Steel

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Brilliance Audio: March 2012

Seller ID: 61083

ISBN: 1423388461

Condition: Used - Good

At thirty-nine, Tallie Jones is a Hollywood legend. Her work as a film director is her passion and the center of her life; one after another, her award-winning productions achieve the rare combination of critical and commercial success. With no interest in the perks of her profession or the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, Tallie maintains close and loving relationships with her college-age daughter and her aging father, and has a happy collaboration with Hunter Lloyd, ... View more info

Image for Absolute Power

Absolute Power

By: David Baldacci

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing: January 2010

Seller ID: 59545

ISBN: 160788321X

Condition: Used - Good

Available for the first time Unabridged on CD in an all-new recording by Scott Brick, the first of the blockbuster thrillers by New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci. The book that will change the way you think about Washington - and power - forever. In a heavily guarded mansion in a posh Virginia suburb, a man and a woman start to make love, trapping a burglar behind a secret wall. Then the passion turns deadly, and the witness is running into the night. ... View more info

Image for Hell's Corner (Camel Club Series)

Hell's Corner (Camel Club Series)

By: David Baldacci

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing: November 2010

Seller ID: 59558

ISBN: 160788657X

Condition: Used - Good

Oliver Stone and the Camel Club return in #1 bestselling author David Baldacci's most stunning adventure yet. "An attack on the heart of power . . . ""In sight of the White House . . . ""At a place known as . . . " HELL'S CORNER John Carr, aka Oliver Stone-once the most skilled assassin his country ever had-stands in Lafayette Park in front of the White House, perhaps for the last time. The president has personally requested that Stone serve his count... View more info

Image for Deliver Us from Evil (Shaw Series)

Deliver Us from Evil (Shaw Series)

By: David Baldacci

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing: April 2010

Seller ID: 59560

ISBN: 1600249647

Condition: Used - Good

In South America a 96-year-old man of great wealth reads a book late one night and an hour later he lies dead in his bed, the secrets of his past starkly revealed. Six months later another mystery man lies dead at the bottom of his pool in a villa in Provence. This time, however, there's a witness at the scene: Shaw, the shadowy operative from "The Whole Truth," who barely escapes with his life. Meanwhile, a half a world away, photojournalist Katie James is working on a ... View more info